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Yepsketch’s Outdoor 3D Models Collection

For architectural, building, and engineering professionals, a realistic, accurate 3D model can make all the difference between a collaboration that fails to hit the target versus a proposal that effectively communicates. With Yepsketch’s Outdoor 3D models collection, you are empowered to create the most compelling, authentic visualisations for your projects. Our outdoor 3D models collection, as with the rest of our library, is also suitable for applications such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D visualization, or animation and gaming.

The Yepsketch difference

With Yepsketch, you will have access to an extensive library of 3D and BIM models. You can also explore our collections for your design or marketing project. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality 3D and BIM products in the luxury segment of design. From furnishings and kitchens to bathroom and interior finishes, our extensive variety of products is continually growing and curated to meet all your needs. 

Our products are designed for maximum compatibility, no matter your software or platform. They are available in multiple formats, including DWG, DXF, 3DS, MAX, OBJ, RFA,  SKP, and GSM. 

If you are a brand, the presence of your products in our library provides additional exposure, allowing architectural, engineering, and building professionals to utilise them in their plans and increasing sales opportunities for your business. 

Outdoor categories

Our outdoor category cover includes the following outdoor furniture 3D model categories:

  • Outdoor furniture - We have a variety of outdoor furniture Revit files, 3D models, and BIM models. These include chairs and other seating as well as tables.

  • Outdoor kitchens - Explore our 3D and BIM models of outdoor kitchens, barbecues, fireplaces, and heaters for your marketing or design project. 

  • Shade - Our outdoor section offers a number of outdoor shading options such as canopies and garden awnings.

  • Pools - Here, you can also find swimming pools, hot tubs, and outdoor showers for your backyard or garden visualisation project. 

  • Gardening - Use our high-quality gardening and accessories, 3D models for gardening-design projects.

  • Outdoor flooring - Discover bricks, tiles, and other outdoor flooring options.

  • Fences and perimeter enclosures - We have a range of fencing and perimeter enclosure 3D models in this section.

  • Street furniture - You can also find street furniture like benches and park tables in this section. 

  • Sports facilities - Our outdoor range includes a number of sports facilities for your outdoor design projects.

  • Pipe fittings and accessories - Grates, linear drainage systems, and related accessories are included in this section. 

  • Floor drainage - End outlets, centre outlets, and other floor drainage 3D models are available in this category.

  • Grease separator - We have more than 10 3D models of grease separators by Eco Passavant. 

Become a Yepsketch member

Join us as a member for one low annual fee, and you will have unlimited access to the Yeplibrary of 3D and BIM models. We are constantly adding to the library in an effort to achieve our goal of having the best content library in the world. At Yepsketch, we will support you with exceptional ongoing service, and one of our team members will always be available to help you with any questions or queries you have. If you are a brand, talk to us about building a catalogue of 3D and BIM models for your products. Check out our collections or explore our library now. Alternatively, contact us with your message or sign up here for a subscription to Yeplibrary today.


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