We are 160+ talented individuals, experienced in all aspects of 3D BIM and Visualisation.

Yepsketch was founded by Jodene Denton in 2010, since then they have grown to be market leaders in 3D BIM and Visualisation services. Operating in 14 countries and continually expanding Yepsketch has developed a strong reputation for service in their industries. Working with companies at a head office level is a specialty that we pride ourselves on. Travelling and visiting clients remains our point of difference as service is our number one commitment.

Our Team
Jodene Denton CEO and Managing Director

Jodene founded Yepsketch in 2010 and has since expanded the business to include Yeplibrary resource center for designers and Yepstudio creative agency. Jodene manages strategic development and client relationships.

Rachael Ruprecht General Manager

Rachael has been with Yepsketch since 2012 progressing through the company to the senior role of General Manager. Rachael manages all our team leaders and their associated staff ensuring production runs efficiently and smoothly.

Pero Djokic 3DS Max Specialist

Pero has been part of the Yepsketch team for 6 years, he has a team of 61 members consisting of designers, 3d artists, animation specialists and coders.

Marvin Posugac Special Projects Manager

Marvin is an integral part of the Yepsketch team specialising in SketchUP and rendering. Over the last 3 years we have seen this team triple in size. We now have 38 SketchUP artists within Yepsketch, headed by Marvin.

Hector Burciaga Revit and BIM Specialist- South America

Hector has been working for Yepsketch since 2012. He is a dedicated and incredibly knowledgeable member of our team. Our Revit and BIM team consists of 35 members.

Heidee Merkel Accounts Manager

Heidee and her assistant manage all accounts and invoicing for Yepsketch and have done for the past 4 years.

Casual Team Members 160 + Talented Individuals

Ranging across 6 countries we have a team of 29 casual staff whose skillset range from coders, designers, developers, customer service support, researches, marketing assistants, 3d artists and animators.

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