Yepsketch was founded by Jodene Denton in 2010, since then the company has grown to be market leaders in 3D, BIM and visualisation services. Operating in 14 countries and continually expanding Yepsketch has developed a strong reputation for services in their industry.

Our approach

As a subscription platform for professionals our focus and approach is all about service. There is always a Yepsketch team member at hand to assist you with any challenges or enquires.

Certainty, immediacy and availability of 3D and BIM models in all the formats ensure that our models will be universally compatible with any software program used. Our vision to continually grow and expand the brand and product offering on our library ensure we are the best library in the world

Companies engage Yepsketch to build their catalogues of 3D models and then choose Yeplibrary to host them alongside other prestigious brands

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