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Yepsketch’s Lighting 3D Models Collection

Within our lighting category, you will find interior lighting 3D models as well as outdoor lighting 3D models. We offer dozens of very high-quality lighting BIM models for you to choose from. The selection includes products from luxury brands like Access Lighting and Bega and reflects our key goal of providing 3D and BIM products in the luxury sector of design. Given our commitment to providing quality 3D models, each item in our lighting category has been carefully developed with precision and authenticity. We are always adding to our library. You can browse Yepsketch’s entire range via collection or category.

Lighting 3D and BIM models

Within our 3D and BIM lighting range, you will find ceiling lights, wall-mounting lighting, and desk lamps. Ceiling lights can be flush-mounted models or hanging models, in an assortment of designs for different applications, such as bedroom, living spaces, corridors, or stairways. Light distribution can be diffuse, general, task, or accent. 

Across our interior and exterior lighting categories, you can find various options like LED lights, fluorescent, and incandescent. Available finishes include chrome, techno metal, three-ply opal glass, and much more. Examples of novel designs are rain-shaped pendants, classical globe, and minimalist desk lamps. Shallow and flat or deep and elongated, our lighting models come in all shapes and sizes to match your design project. Our outdoor lighting selection also features outdoor ceiling and wall lights in a variety of finish and glass options. 

The Yepsketch difference

At Yepsketch, we are focused on providing content of an outstanding quality that fulfils our strict standards. We offer a wide range of content from leading luxury brands, and our models are credible, accurate, and meticulously designed. 

Software compatibility

Our lighting BIM models and 3D models are available in different formats to assist with compatibility, no matter your software of choice. Our supplied formats include DWG, DXF, 3DS, MAX, OBJ, RFA,  SKP, and GSM. 

Drive your projects to the next level

We count among our customers architects, engineers, construction, and design professionals. Brands rely on our lighting BIM model library to generate compelling marketing collateral for their products. Our premium 3D and BIM models can be used for other applications like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D visualization, or even animation. Ultimately, these ready-to-use models can save you time and allow you to coordinate and proceed with projects more quickly. They can support more efficient workflows and improved project outcomes. 

Become a Yepsketch member

Become a Yepsketch member for a fixed annual fee and you will have access to the entire Yepsketch library of products. If you are looking for 3D or BIM lighting, office, kitchen, bathroom, or some other type of model, our extensive library likely offers a range of suitable products. Our customer service team can assist with any queries you may have. If you need a bespoke design, get in touch and our expert design team can deliver your model within short turnaround times. Explore our collections or check out our library now. You can also contact us directly with your query here.


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