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Sofas and Armchairs

As an international market leader in 3D BIM and Visualisation, the Yepsketch collection of sofas and armchairs is diverse, extensive, and continually expanding. As the content developer, we are able to provide quality content that meets both our high standards as well as the manufacturers. With numerous designs on hand in the Yeplibrary you will not be limited for choice. From modern to contemporary, stylish, and practical we are certain you will find what you’re looking for. 

The importance of quality 

As a superior quality content developer, our team at Yepsketch understands the importance of quality visualisation. Our collection of 3D BIM insights to support the design and construction of high-quality sofas and armchairs by providing the tools you require to get the job done efficiently and effectively. At Yepsketch, we understand the importance of quality and strive to achieve it in every area of our business. 

Modern designs for a modern developer 

We offer a stunning collection of 3D models with visualisation options for our sofas and armchairs including sleek and modern styles for the highest quality interior designs. Each unique option within our range possesses its own flair. With the extensive range of colours, styles, and configurations available in our collection, you will be sure to find what you are looking for. Whether it be for a home, an office, or a multi-storey corporate high rise, Yepsketch has the content for you. 

Partner with Yepsketch for the future    

The YepLibrary collection of sofas and armchairs is continually expanding whilst maintaining exceptional photorealism in each design. Partnering with Yepsketch means that you will always have access to the most fashionable designs in the market, and with a collection that is ever expanding, you can be sure that you will not miss a beat in keeping your designs on trend.


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