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Lifestyle & Render Object

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Lifestyle Render Object

Lifestyle render objects serve a massive purpose in the 3D rendering world. They add a deeper layer of realism to any render – design or architecture. Through the use of lifestyle render objects, you can bring your design to a real-life simulated environment, giving it another level of legitimacy and making it more appealing to your prospects. 

What Are Lifestyle Render Objects? 

Lifestyle render objects are everything that the designer doesn’t like to use in their renders. While this might sound a bit pretentious, it’s the truth. These are all the remnants and items that humans use daily, no matter how common or rare.

Lifestyle render objects are all of the subtle cups of coffee on the living room desk, the massive cars in garages, and can be even as subtle as a key in the door. They’re all of the things that the average person would include in their home upon arrival. 

Why Do Lifestyle Render Objects Matter in Digital Rendering? 

Lifestyle objects serve one of the most critical purposes in any render – adding a sense of humanity to a simulated 3D design. Every 3D render suffers from uncanny valley to some extent; it’s simply unavoidable.

However, it can be decreased by a considerable margin through the introduction of slick, background, or foreground details, such as lifestyle render objects.

In layman’s terms, while not always the prettiest or aesthetically pleasing, lifestyle objects serve a crucial role in our perception of the render and its eventual appeal. 



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