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Kitchen appliances

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Visualising and creating a dream kitchen is easier said than done. But with YepSketch’s 3D models, it’s possible to bring a design to life and realise your vision with ease. With the appropriate 3D models from YepSketch, you’ll be able to craft your vision carefully to ensure that not only will your preferred vision be realised, but any potential placement problems will be spotted ahead of time. 

Striking realism for your design needs

Kitchen appliances are the backbone of any cooking space, and their placement is critical to visualising a kitchen design successfully. That’s why YepSketch has produced an extensive range of kitchen appliances to complement your design and creation process, and enable you to give your clients the full view that they need.  

The YepSketch digital model library features more than 100 real-world brands and are available in 12 different formats. You’ll be sure to be able to find the models which suit your project and planning needs. They’re also viewable in 360°, so you can be sure that you’ll get the most accurate picture possible. 

At YepSketch, our models are designed to be contemporary and stylish, as well as realistic as possible, in order to provide your clients with the best possible image of their future kitchen, and how their kitchen appliances will sit alongside the rest of the floorplan. The YepLibrary is also being continually updated by our designers, who look to replicate the most stylish looks from the real world. 

Secure annual access at an affordable rate 

3D models can be purchased individually, but for best value we recommend our YepSketch subscription service, which provides unlimited access to the YepLibrary. An annual subscription to Yeplibrary will give you access to our design library and the chance to explore our full range of kitchen appliances to suit your needs.

For more information on using YepSketch 3D models, get in touch with us today.


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