Who we are

Jodene Denton

CEO and Managing Director

Jodene founded Yepsketch in 2010 and with the expansion in the following years added Yeplibrary and Yepstudio to the portfolio. As the company grew so did the development of 3D Design. Jodenes unique ability to form relationships with global brands and her solution based ideas have allowed significant international growth. She has been in the architectural and design industry for over 15 years so her experience and expertise is imperative to the continued evolution in the service offerings for the Yepsketch group.

Rachael Ruprecht

General Manager

Rachael joined the Yepsketch team in 2010 and has made her way through the ranks to be the General Manager of Yepsketch, Yeplibrary and Yepstudio. Rachael manages all of our production teams in every sector overseeing the design, production and deliverables of all our projects. With over 160+ staff reporting directly to her she is an integral part of all Yepsketch companies. Her willingness to understand and create innovative solutions allow the Yep brands to provide unique offerings to their clients.

160+ Designers and Technical Staff

The team at Yepsketch consist of 160 design and technical staff world wide. Yepsketch head office is in Sydney, Australia but with a global footprint we have staff available to cater for your needs 24 hours a day regardless of your timezone.

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