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At Yepsketch we have the following services:

  • 3D and BIM content development
  • International capabilities to produce content in multiple languages
  • Product Renders
  • Lifestyle Renders
  • Marketing, training and installation animation
  • Product specific tutorials
  • License and content distribution support

The 8 format files we include online are:

MAX - Natively drawn in 3DS Studio Max. Used for high detail rendering purposes

3DS - Very similar to MAX, commonly used for animation

OBJ - This is exported from the MAX file and normally used as an archiving format

RFA - Natively drawn in Revit, contains BIM data in the back end of the model which makes it a "smart model"

DWG and DXF - Exported from our RFA file, small file size which can be used in many different software programs.

GSM - Natively drawn in ArchiCAD, BIM data is held within this model as well.

SKP - This is designed for the software program, Sketchup. We export our SKP model from ArchiCAD.

Yepsketch is a leading international BIM & 3D model company with capability in 2D, 3D and BIM object creation, in addition to creative visualisation for multi-use services including marketing. Yepsketch is an Australian owned and based company. For one cost Yepsketch supplies all BIM formats, archiving formats, planning and visual formats for every need in the design and construction industry. We ensure the manufacturers products are universally compatible with all software used across the industry. This includes architecture, design, construction, engineering, mechanical, plumbing, mining and medical.