Christmas trees are an age-old Christmas tradition and symbol! Decorating Christmas trees is a fun activity but after doing that, you may be faced with the problem of deciding where to put it. While considering different factors, we would love to help you with deciding the optimum location for your Christmas tree.

An important factor you must consider is the view, you must place a Christmas tree at a suitable vantage point. You must put it where you’ll be able to see it fro different points in the house. You should avoid placing it in tight corners and also where it can cause an obstruction. Choose a place that has sufficient lighting which could either be natural or artificial. Consider a location where people won’t bump into it but at the same time would still be visible at different points.

Another factor you must consider is safety. The Christmas tree must not be placed close to where heating elements are which could damage it, it should be placed far away from fireplaces. Not only will this shorten the life of your tree (especially if it's real) but it can also be flammable. If children are present, it must be placed where adults can sight it easily as it may be tempting and hazardous to unsupervised children. Kids and pets may either dislodge the tree or mess with the electrical wires of the tree lights.

When choosing the suitable location for a Christmas tree, the top factors you should consider are; space, vantage point, safety, and lighting.

From all of us here at Yepsketch, we wish you a happy holiday season! Tag us in your photos of your Christmas tree in the room you picked!

How to decide which room to put your Christmas tree in
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