3D models are now used in a wide range of fields, including engineering, architecture, entertainment, an of course- sales.  To improve sales, it is more about quality product representation and description, it includes creativity.

The use of 3D models can help decrease marketing cost as more potential buyers will be reached with a smaller marketing budget. It helps to increase customer interaction with the product as the the marketing process is more interactive. Also, in case of a situation where the final product isn’t ready, the completed 3D model can be released to the public to create awareness. 

3D models are easier to create rather than physical prototypes. When there are many customers eager to try out or view a prototype of a product, you may not have enough physical copies to go around but through 3d modelling, you can distribute 3D copies of a product and ensure customer satisfaction. 3D models help to improve sales by improving the customer’s interaction with the product, due to the fact that 3D models are detailed and have a high quality, the customer is able to explore the product and know more about what he is about to purchase. 3D models help to explain the complexities of the product which cannot be explained effectively to the customer by using mere words. Customers can also recommend products to other customers by transferring the 3D model of the product to other interested buyers.

Gone are the days of long, drawn out process times. At Yepstudio we understand that your time is important. That’s why we offer 3D models with quick turnaround times. All we need are product specifications!

We model in 12 different formats making products universally compatible across all software platforms worldwide. Choose from formats including MAX, 3DS, OBJ, RFA, DWG and DXF, GSM, SKP. Our team work with you to ensure our models meet your needs and can be utilised for any marketing or promotional material necessary. Check out our extensive 3D library and Speak with us today

How 3D models can improve sales
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