Construction is a notoriously conservative industry, blighted by inefficient processes leading to spiralling costs, excessive waste, and unnecessary delays. Today, tech companies such as Yepsketch are challenging the industry status quo with digital solutions to bring construction up to par with other sectors that until recently have lead the way in digitalisation.

There have long been calls for construction to modernise and embrace digital practices with concerns over its poor productivity and lack of accountability. Progress is being made mainly thanks to enforced adoption with the mandating of BIM (Building Information Modelling) by national governments.

Digitalisation has been underway in many sectors for decades, and yet construction lags behind – despite being one of the most significant contributors to global GDP. Innovative, tech-driven companies like ours are encouraging contractors, manufacturers, and professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries to work closely together throughout the life cycle of a building.

A report by the McKinsey Global Institute sums up what stands to be gained: “…if construction-sector productivity were to catch up with that of the total US economy… it would boost the sector’s value added by an estimated $1.6 trillion, adding about 2 percent to the global economy, or the equivalent of meeting about half of the world’s infrastructure need.”

The Yeplibrary by Yepsketch has thousands of manufacturer approved models, texture and generic content. Ready for download directly into your planning tools. We offer a free version that lets you dip your toe in the water. Sign up now for a free test drive giving you access to 1 download, then upgrade to a subscription whenever you want or purchase products individually.

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Digitalisation of Construction
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