3D rendering is now one of the latest trends in advertising. At Yepsketch we’ll look at how 3D rendering has changed advertising, it’s uses and it’s advantages.

A while back, when trying to create different visuals for adverts, photography or drawings used to be the only options available, but recently, the advent of 3D modelling has brought a huge change to the world of advertising. Through 3D rendering, the problem of incorrect product depictions caused by difficulties in photography has been resolved. 3D rendering combined with graphic animations help to render photorealistic images of products which look visually stunning and can attract customers. Rendering creates high quality pictures for ads which are detailed down to texture, colour and material. Without 3D rendering, communication between the designer and the marketers may be difficult, but through 3D rendering, the marketer can see his product and project what he has in mind.

In branding and marketing, rendering helps to ensure your brand’s logo and concept consistency while also being cost-effective. It eliminates the problem of having to get different props, designers and photographers and a 3D rendered model could be used.

3D rendering helps to save time and cost, getting high quality photographs of products through photography is quite costly. 3D rendering helps to cut down cost and also saves time. When a producer wants to market his product and it’s other variations, he no longer needs to photograph these products individually, through 3D rendering just a model is needed which can then be edited to show a variety.

Rendering helps to show customers complexities which cannot be explained through words or pictures only. For example, in a 3D rendered advert, potential customers can be shown how complex machines work through realistic animations.

At Yepstudio, our rendering services are used worldwide. Our rendering process is simple and effective. Renders are brought to life with a simple brief and drafting phase, once you are happy we provide clear, high resolution renders. Formats include product renders, Tight Scene and Lifestyle Scene. This process also allows us to provide high resolution photo quality renders in JPG and PNG formats.

Our quick turnaround times make us the creative agency of choice for many companies around the world. Our expert team work with you to ensure your needs are met, offering a personalised and professional service every time. Speak with us today

3D Rendering in Advertising
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