3 Reasons You Need 3D Modelling Animation for Your Next Video

3 Reasons You Need 3D Modelling Animation for Your Next Video

Creating a video for your latest product isn’t always as simple as it sounds - not all products are created equal. Packaging, shape and size can oftentimes make product videography a tiring process. However, producing photo-realistic animations can create endless possibilities as well as keeping costs low. With 3D Modelling Animation you can set your product free from the confines of its packaging and showcase it in a way that is completely fresh and innovative.

Here are the top 3 reasons we at Yepsketch think you need 3D Modelling Animation for your next video.

Create products that don’t exist

Trying to sell a house that hasn’t been built yet? Not an issue with 3D Modelling Animation! 3D Modelling Animation allows you to showcase a product that may not exist yet or can be difficult to present to your clients.

Be innovative with the way you present your product

It is much easier to be more impactful with your message when you can present your product in a ground-breaking way. Demonstrate to your customers the most beneficial way to use your product stopping any future confusion.

Showcase your product to scale

The great thing about 3D Modelling Animation is that your product can be animated to precision. Using your measurements and dimensions, your drawings or plans can be turned into an exact-scale replica of your product.  For this reason, 3D animation modelling is so incredibly popular in interior design. It allows designers to rearrange the virtual furniture in a virtual room — both being exact replicas of the real thing.

3D Modelling Animation

If you’re interested in using 3D modelling animation in your next video or want to talk about what can be done using this technology, the Yepsketch team are always happy to help!

3 Reasons You Need 3D Modelling Animation for Your Next Video