Use 3D Modelling and Rendering in Marketing

Unfortunately, not all products photograph well, this can be due to packaging, size or shape, leaving your products looking flat and poorly represented.

What does 3D Modelling and Rendering in Marketing look like:

3D modelling and rendering allow you to take a more fun approach to marketing and dream up advertisements with total artistic freedom.

Here at Yepsketch, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best reasons you should be using 3D Modelling and Rendering in Marketing.

  1. Create a realistic and detailed product that your customers can interact with

Make your product interactive offering your customers the opportunity to view your range and customize selections visually. You can change colours, open and close doors, turn on and off lights, change trims, exchange materials and countertops, the options are endless.

  1. Lower costs for your lifestyle shots with realistic renders

Lifestyle shoots can be both costly and timely. Staging your product with 3D rendering can be entirely customized. This means you can place your product in its most ideal location for the best appeal without ever having to leave the design studio.

  1. Bring your products to life

Let your products do the talking with a 360-degree view around the room or around your product. The best part is that you can also look up and down. View your products on a smartphone using 3D goggles, it couldn’t be easier! Perfect for showing off products, interior home designs, mining services and for car manufacturers. Virtual reality offers you the chance to showcase your products and designs in a fresh way.

  1. Show your less photogenic products to their best advantage

There’s a long list of things that aren’t easy to photograph in a visually appealing and attractive way, and this doesn’t just apply to the food industry. There are also certain technical and technological products, such as household appliances. When it comes to offering an aesthetic concept, the challenges faced by creative directors at advertising agencies are not the same, in terms of creating visuals, for a highly photogenic product vs. a product less suited for imaging.

5. Bring your products to life in 3D for the internet as well as tv

Producing photo-realistic animations can create endless possibilities as well as keeping costs low, no more big budgets for film shoots. Set your product free from the confines of its packaging; it will be all the more appealing if it starts to move!

Ahead of technology, Yepsketch is a one-stop shop offering cost-effective solutions you can count on. From 3D models to game-changing virtual reality offering 360-degree product views, we do it all!

We create professional product and lifestyle renders that can be used for a plethora of design choices. Most commonly used for marketing material such as magazines, online, TV, websites and brochures. The beauty of 3D rendering is the limitless options available to make your product pop, we can take risks with colour, angles, lighting and backdrops until you feel your product looks striking. Renderings are supplied at 300dpi for print purposes or 72dpi for web-based use.

Contact us to use 3D Modelling and Rendering in Marketing your product today.


Use 3D Modelling and Rendering in Marketing