Yes, you heard us correctly. Your furniture can absolutely have an effect on your marriage. Candles, bathroom salts, and chandeliers can only take you so far. For a happy home and marriage, you need practicality as well as romance.

  1. The corner couch

We know you were expecting us to say a loveseat but why not give yourself some more room. Whilst having one each would solve the problem, we here at Yepsketch like the idea of a corner lounge.

Once you’ve finally decided between The Notebook and Rambo, there’s no point being separated. The corner couch has the best of both worlds: No one is forced to sit upright and if the mood strikes, you can still lean in for a kiss!

  1. The King-sized bed

The master bedroom is the married couple’s sanctuary. It needs to reflect the style choices and personality of both members of the union. But while there may be clashes over colour palettes and banishment of pre-marriage mementos (take note, La-Z-Boy owners) there is certainly one furniture item most couples can agree upon – the king size bed.

Starfish sleepers everywhere credit the success of their marriage to its very invention.

  1. The twin vanity

The ensuite is one of the most highly sought-after features of the married couple. Why? Because when you’re both leading separate, busy lives, you need convenience. And it doesn’t get much more convenient than being able to go from shower to bed in less than three paces.

What could be sweeter than the twin vanity in the ensuite? For those married couples who do everything together; everything from brushing your teeth to plucking your nose hairs.

Just don’t let those shared experiences kill the romance.

We don’t claim to be marriage experts here at Yepsketch but we reckon that those three tips are a good starting place for your first marital home to make it a happy home!

3 pieces of furniture for a happy home and marriage
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