Liebherr - CBNes 5167

Liebherr  -  CBNes 5167
  • Make: Liebherr
  • Model: CBNes 5167
  • Model #: CBNes 5167
  • Type: Freestanding Bottom Mount Refrigerator
  • Size: 2020mm H x 750mm W x 630mm D
  • Colours: Stainless Steel
  • Link:
  • Desc:

    Liebherr’s bottom mount refrigerator CBNes 5167 offers our unique BioFresh Plus compartments. BioFresh Plus enables the temperature to be set at -2°C, 0°C or +6°C with different humidity settings, meaning you can store produce from fish to exotic fruits for much longer than a conventional refrigerator crisper drawer. An LCD electronic control panel located externally allows complete control of the temperature and even includes a menu with notations about BioFresh food storage. The NoFrost freezer also includes an internal IceMaker to ensure ice cubes are always readily available.

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Established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr with its origins in construction equipment, Liebherr is a family owned multi-national company that is now leading the field in a variety of industries across all continents. Liebherr commenced the production of its first refrigeration line in 1954 and has now become Europe’s largest manufacturer of refrigeration. The manufacturing process expanded in the 1980’s to include an extensive range of wine cellars. Today, Liebherr manufacture and distribute a vast array of fridges and wine cellars to all corners of the globe. With their superior German engineering.

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